FESI (pronounced like fuzzy)
a Free EcmaScript Interpreter.

Release 1.1.8
Uses JDK 1.4 regular expressions
Precompiled library for JDK 1.1.8 and up included.

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Version 1.1.8  29-Sep-2003)
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FESI (pronounced like fuzzy)  is a full implementation of the first version of the EcmaScript language (defined in the standard ECMA 262 available at http://www.ecma-international.org (edition of june 97).  EcmaScript is largely equivalent to the JavaScript language version 1.1 or to the core part of JScript, but without the navigator specific extensions.


The documentation of FESI is included here. It is part of the kit too.

FESI consists of a set of java packages , allowing to use EcmaScript as a macro language for Java applications, and of an interactive interpreter (usable from the command line to test EcmaScript programs). The integration with Java is very strong, making FESI a useful tool to test Java libraries.

There is a simple editor included with the Swing version of the interpreter. You can execute scripts interactively or from the editor windows.

A few examples of code:

Latest changes:

1.1.8 - Septembre 29, 2003
    Include a jar for execution on JDK 1.1.8, for example on PDA or other small devices.
    Use the Appache version (2.3) of the BSF.
    Upgraded to latest IzPack.

1.1.7 - August 31,  2003

    Support access to static fields from an object (before, the class object had to be specified).
    Support of BSF, version 2.2 (see
Bean Scripting Framwork), allowing to call FESI from a common interface used by many tools.
    Added example for swing (examples/swing/swingev.esw) that demonstrate use of events.
    Added getWrappedObject and getWrappedBean to the js package.
    Upgraded to latest JavaCC and IzPack (no user visible change).

1.1.6a - August 22,  2003

    Only changes to the documentation and site, included all build files in the source kit.
    Made previous version (1.1.5) available.

1.1.6 - August 4,  2003
    Upgraded to JDK 1.4 (including RegExp library), latest versions of JavaCC, ORO and GNU RegExp.
    Corrected an important bug in scope chain and 'this' (thanks to Michael Schneider).
    Added command @modules to load using the classpath (now @load uses the file loader).
    Moved to www.lugrin.ch/fesi.
    Use IzPack installer.

Additional details and previous history is available here .

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